Financial success is obtaining maximum benefits
from existing financial resources. 

Employees are more confused then ever in navigating through employer provided benefits, government programs and the IRS rules governing them

Customized Financial Literacy

401kSleuth is focused on improving your employees’ financial situation through financial relevancy. That is, providing objective, informed and relevant content that is delivered in a variety of ways. Employers can then review their benefits programs’ analytics to determine participation and utilization. We provide customized content that incorporates the employer’s benefit programs as well as tax-advantaged programs for paying down debt, meeting health expenses and saving for a home, education or retirement. Our goal is to increase your employees active engagement in their employee benefits by making informed decisions.

Our services include:

  • Speaking at employee conferences or industry trade shows

  • Onsite presentations and webinars dealing with budgeting, consumer debt, student loans, saving for a house or education and other objectives and financial obligations

  • Customized financial literacy curriculum that allows employees to monitor their progress in building financial literacy and developing a plan to achieve their goals

  • Integration of employer tax-advantaged benefits - 401(k) plans, HSA/FSA/HRA, qualified transportation and other benefits

  • Targeted tax tips and insights on government programs that encourage savings, help first-time home buyers, use their veteran's benefits as well as adoption tax credits and a Special Needs Trust.

When it comes to financial complexities, there is a paradox. Employees have access to more information than ever yet feel more confused than ever. That's where 401kSIeuth comes in. Our goal is not just financial literacy, but rather financial relevancy. Starting with their employer provided benefits, we help them arrive at sound decisions within the context of their financial responsibilities.  

401kSleuth's tools allow employees to develop a personalized learning plan based on their financial objectives. We help uncover opportunities regarding the financial issues that are creating frustration and hampering their productivity. Frequent legislative and regulatory changes call for apprising employees of developments and new opportunities. That's where onsite meetings, webinars (live and on-demand) and blogging, help them stay abreast of these changes.  

The issue of financial stress is not a function of education. In fact, many financially stressed people did not realize until they graduated from college what their student loans actually entailed. Whatever the circumstances, many people feel they do not manage their finances but rather their finances manage them. Schwab's Financial Wellness Study indicates 85% of employees said that they would use a financial wellness program if one were offered.

We work on a retainer or project basis

Our efficient approach yields a very affordable, cost effective opportunity for employers.